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Properties of #Labradorite or #Spectrolite

Labradorite is a Gemstone of Transformation

Labradorite or Spectrolite is your friend when you are facing times of change. It will lend you strength, balance your aura and protect it while helping you raise your consciousness. 

If you are intuitive, it will help you build on your gifts and abilities. 

Labradorite will also cut through any illusions, so you can see the truth for whatever issue you are dealing with. 

You will learn to trust yourself, in God/Universe, have more faith in yourself and be less insecure. 

Labradorite will help you get creative as well while helping all issues with the brains and eyes. It's also a gift to your metabolism that balances hormones. It will calm any overactive mind. 

There is a legend behind a magical gemstone called Labradorite. Labradorite is also called by the Finnish, Spectrolite. I'm re-telling the legend as a short story. Enjoy.

The darkness was contrasted by the iced over mountains and cliffs as they met the frozen seas of the Arctic Circle. The moonlight cast shadows around and one of those shadows was moving against the bitterly cold wind. The shadow was that of a lone warrior. 

Wrapped in furs and carrying nothing but his spear and some food, the lone warrior fought the iced wind as he followed the stars home. The skies were clear and like the beat of the drums, his heart pulsed in tune with that of the earth.  He took deep breaths and murmured the songs of his people. His voice echoed softly against the vastness of the frozen lands. 

Where the land met the sea were one frozen in ice. A moment passed and something caught the warrior's eye. It was a light coming from within the ground. He sang louder and the light grew into many. As with the pulse of the earth and his heart, the lights, many colors, glowed in tune with the song. He then heard the voice. 

"Free us,"

The warrior, in awe of the voice and the lights, gently tapped his spear to the closest glowing light. It was an eerie green glow that pulsated with a life of it's own. The rock opened and in a flash of white light, the lights were released. 

In a dance, the colors rushed into the sky chasing one another. It was a sacred moment of silent music. Not even the wind stirred. Only the moon, the newly born Aurora Borealis, and the iced over lands. 

However, some of the colors wished to remain one with the earth. The name they were later given was called Labradorite--for the name of the coast of Canada they were found.
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