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#Healing #Properties of #Apophyllite #Pyramid

The Gemstone of Truth

#Healing #Properties of #Apophyllite #Pyramid

Apophyllite is a beautiful stone that is soothing and calming. It helps out if you are stressing over something and helps you to feel universal love.

It will gently help you when meditating so you can access the Akashic Record.

Like copper, Apophyllite is an energy conductor and will also put you in a trancey state of mind.

It's also a great stone for Reiki.

Apophyllite Pyramids. 

These special pieces of Apophyllite are intense energy amplifers that will cut through any illusion and help you see the truth.

They are naturally in the shape of pyramids and because of that particular shape they can charge up other objects, crystals, and even people.

I've gotten quite a zing from meditating with one before.

These lovely pyramid gems also bring love, light and healing energy into your heart as well as your aura.

Being that they are Apophyllite, the Apophyllite pyramids amp up all the properties of Apophyllite clusters.

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