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A Gem That Is Supercharged with the Powerful Universal Healing Light

Healing Properties of Golden Healer QuartzImagine my surprise when I randomly picked up a beautiful quartz and a vision of it being wrapped popped into my head.

Golden Healer Quartz is not Citrine, but is of another part of the quartz family. The golden color is natural and is on the inside of the stone, protected by the crystalline structure.

The golden color is really an iron oxide coating in between or under the layers of the crystal and colors can be a pale yellow to dark gold. 

Golden Healers hold the Golden Ray energy which has that same feel of spirituality or that wonderful feeling you get in a church sanctuary. God is present in all things, but even more in this golden little stone. 

Quartz is know as a master healer, and Golden Healers are of the highest vibrations with a powerful yet gentle and calming energy. 

The best way to use this lovely stone is to mediate or pray. Many people use prayer beads and those beads are made out of different types of gemstones, especially quartz which is known to amply energy. 

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