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Mystic Rainbow Moonstone

Moonstone is a gem that comes in many colors: peach, grey, white, cats eye are the most common. Rainbow  Moonstone is a type of moonstone that when the light hits is just right, you see a blue fire or shimmer. Moonstone has always been known as the stone of love and lovers. In some cultures, a moonstone is offered as a blessing to ensure fertility and it's most potent when used in a full moon.

Rainbow Moonstone in 14K Gold Filled Wire
Rainbow Moonstone has a gentle and calming energy that strengthens intuition and aids in psychic abilities. It enhances creativity, compassion and build your inner confidence up. It brings harmony and balance into your life and enhances feminine energies. The rainbow effect draws in a spectrum of light and can help with bringing in uplifting energies.

Moonstone honors the Goddess in all women. It aids in dieting, gardening, psychic awareness and meditation.  Moonstone's energy is receptive and the element Moonstone is associated with is water. 

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The Gems and Mineral Diva is also known as Johnna Sabri. Johnna learned how to wire wrap gemstones into fashionable jewelry by Grammy Award winning guitarist, Daryl Thompson, son of Eli Lucky Thompson. This site is dedicated to Daryl as he did more than teach Johnna his gift of jewelry design, he became a father to her.
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