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How This Wire Artist Fixes Her Broken Bra

Ughh! I hate it when the clasp on my bra gets bent and out of shape and starts scratching my back. Since I don't have the luxury of going out and getting a new bra, I have to be creative. Bras, though a huge necessity to keep our lady parts from bouncing all over the place, are just too expensive these days. Victoria Secret has some for $102.

$102.00 for ONE bra? Are you serious? I mean really? Does it talk? Will it teach me a foreign language? Will it teach my boobs to talk. I could go on Youtube with my talking boobs and become famous? Maybe the bra will turn my boobs into gold. No--I dont' want that. They are heavy enough as it is!  Yeah they had this sale going on where you can get two bra's for $50. Honestly, that is NOT that bad since VS is a name brand buuuuuut, my storage unit is $48 a month. Yeah, you can get a storage unit cheaper than you can get freakin underwear.

Okay so I don't have the dough for new boobie traps, so I have to be really creative and since I am, that's not hard to do.  I simply used my tools to fix the clasps. Done. And what about those super fancy bras with the wire that breaks almost always after first use and you have to throw them away? Don't thow them away!

Tools you will need:

Round nose pliers
Bent nose pliers
Nail file.

For the clasp: simply use the round nose pliers to bend them back into shape. If the metal is broken and is scratching you, use the nail file to dull the ends. Use the bent nose pliers to help with shaping as well. .
For broken wire: this one is tricky but can be done to save your bra until you can get a new one. Use the nail file to dull the rough edges.

Gently pull the wires together to where they are side by side. Hold them in place with the bent nose pliers. Using the round nose pliers, take one of the wires and pull up. Loop it over the other wire. Keep looping it until you run out of wire. Use the nail file to smooth out any rough edges created by the tools.

That's a great idea, you say, but where do I get such tools? Easy. I picked mine up and Michael's Arts' and Craft stores for only $10. Of course, that was back in 2009 and it was the Michael's near the Lindbergh MARTA Station so prices may vary by location.

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