Thursday, February 7, 2013

Healing Properties of Metals

Most of you know that I am learning as I go. I've started working with energy maybe about a year ago when my own gifts developed. Sure we all know that crystals have their own energy, but like all elements of matter, so do metals. I should have put two and two together when working on a Herkimer Diamond in gold a couple of years ago. My normal body temp is 94ish and it literally jumped 12 degrees when I was working with gold. That day I was with my mother, who was in a nursing home. The nurse took my temp when she saw how flushed I was and freaked when it the thermometer read 106.1. Of course, I took a break and she checked it in 10 minutes. It was back down to 94. So yeah, metals have energy. 

Working with gems and minerals and wire work is what got me into working with energy. Most people who say, "oh that is magic, spell casting or witchcraft" do not understand. You may be one of those so let me school you in. 

All things are made of energy. Our breath, our bodies, the floor, the boogers in your nose. Everything. Magic, or witchcraft is the ability to use that energy. Many choose to do so in a horrible or negative manner. You could go to work. Someone would curse you and on top of the cursing you would feel that anger. Sending angry thoughts to someone is a form of magic. So we all use it daily. When you think of someone you care for and feel love, they, even though you  may not be trying to--are on the receiving end of your energy. 

Energy is also known as Chi, or life force energy. Energy is divided into two categories: Projective/Male and Receptive/Female. Projective is where you send out energy. Receptive is where you are on the receiving end. 

When I wire wrap, I work mostly with aluminum, brass, hematite, gold, and sterling silver. So here are some brief descriptions that I have found out about these metals through  research.


Aluminum is a projective energy that will shield your own energy. It's is in a sense, an invisibility cloak that deflects energy being sent your way. In jewelry, it will always protect the wearer. The planet associated with Aluminum is Mercury and it's Element is Air. Aluminum also enhances mental abilities such as intellect and telepathy. It protects during astral travel and is your best friend when working with image magic (visualization during meditation) Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element on earth and also the moon. All rocks and gemstones contain aluminocilicate minerals and so does the human body. 


Brass is a projective metal that is also associated with Gold and can be used as a substitute for gold in healing/money attracting rituals. Brass has no planets, but a star that it's associated with--the Sun. It's element is Fire and Brass attracts healing, wealth, and protection. When wearing as jewelry  any gemstone that attracts wealth such as Citrine or Cinnabar should be wrapped/set in Brass. 


Hematite is actually a mineral--it's the mineral form of Iron which we all know is a metal. Hematite is a receptive element that is found on both Earth and Mars, which is really interesting because the Celestial body that Hematite is associated with is Mars. Hematite's element is Fire. Hematite is a grounding metal/mineral that protects and detoxifies. Most jewelry wrapped in Hematite are actually wrapped in Brass or Copper that has been coated with Hematite. 


Gold is a projective metal that has been associated over the millennia with everything to do with health, wealth, and growth. Gold is associated with the Sun and has Fire as it's element. Gold has a healing energy that doubles as a power amp. It protects and opens you up to wisdom, prosperity, and all round success. Gold inspires virtue, moral excellence and nobility of the mind. Gold also lends a cheering influence to the wearer and promotes positive thinking/attitudes. 


Silver is associated with the Moon Goddess, the Moon  and is receptive/feminine. The element associated with silver is Water. Silver has this soothing and calm energy where as Gold is more powerful and intense. Silver, a metal of the emotions, amplifies the energy of any gemstone it is set in--minerals too. Silver is also antibacterial. Silver is a metallic chemical element with the chemical symbol AG (Argentum) and it's atomic number is 47.

 It is a beautiful soft, white lustrous metal that has the highest electrical conductivity of any element and also the highest thermal conductivity of any metal. Silver is a powerful metal that invokes intuition, dreams, love, protection and is used in many money  or prosperity/wealth spells. Many countries use silver as some form of currency, so it's no wonder why silver will attract the energy of prosperity to a spell or ritual or even a meditation.  Silver is also great with healing spells and aids in sending healing energy--especially if a gemstone/mineral that is being used in the healing ritual is wrapped or set in silver--to the person it needs to go to. 



  1. Hi! Interesting post. Quite often we get gold plated silver. Would this make the metal have a combination of healing properties or would it be predominantly the properties of the main metal? Thanks.

  2. Thank you for this post! It's the most clear and informative one I've found on describing the metaphysical properties of metals. I appreciate you providing this information :)


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