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Guest Blogged for Austin Briggs

I was honored to be featured in my fellow writer, Austin Briggs, blog. Before I go into what I wrote about, here is a little bit about Austin. 

Austin Briggs is the  Author of Five Dances with Death.  Austin spent over 10 years researching the history of the Aztec Empire and the Spanish Conquest. 

Austin Briggs has always been obsessed with learning about other cultures and has lived in several places around the world. He's been a soldier in the Russian Army, an officer for the UN and a global manager for a Fortune 10 company. He's been on both sides--local and the outside, part of the majority and part of the minority which has given him the unique ability of getting inside the minds of many different characters and writing from different points of view. 

His fascination with the Aztecs during the time of the Spanish Conquest began simply because he was intrigued by the idea of a society that was about to lose itself completely. He wanted to express to us how difficult, how painful and, yes, inspiring at times, the process was.

Gems of the Aztecs is a post that I wrote for Austin Briggs. In this post, I talk about two common gems that the Aztecs used for ceremonial purposes. Obsidian was used on knives while Jade (Nepherite) was used as jewelry by high/upper society. I also talk about the healing properties of both gems and you can view the full post here
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