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My First Gemstone: Soothing Chrysocolla

My First Gemstone in My Collection

Believe it or not, Moldavite is not the first gem I've purchased. It's the one that totally opened me up energetically and helped me turn into my gifts.  No, my very first gemstone that I purchased is actually a mineral: Chrysocolla.

I was in Denise and Daryl's shop, Elegance Boutique, in Atlanta and was just starting to actually get to know them. I would pop in to say hi every once in a while and Daryl needed some help with his website--he's a musician as well as a wire artist.

So I was sitting there thinking about work and the stress and Denise, was telling me about the gems and minerals and effects of them. She handed me a book, The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall and told me to just explore.

I'm followed by the number 111 and also 1111 so naturally, I open the book to a random page number which, of course, is page 111. On that page was a beautiful blue specimen: Chrycolla. So I wound up going to Crystal Blue (on the corner of Euclid and Moreland) and buying my first mineral for what would become my collection.

And yes, the above photo is the one that I purchased and eventually wrapped. No, it is not for sale, but if you want, I can wrap one for you for $35 plus the cost of the stone! Click here for more info on Commissions.

Back to topic: what is Chrysocolla and what does it do?

The name, Chrysocolla, was first used by Theophrastus in 315 BC and he defined it as a meaning to use a glue for soldering gold. Crysos means Gold and Kolla means glue.  It's colors are these intense blues, greens and turquoise. In fact you will see Azuite, Malachite, and Chrysocolla together a lot--all there minerals along with Cuprite are minerals that have a lot of copper in them.

Chrysocolla is a copper silicate that sometimes has aluminum. It does not have a definite chemical composition because this cool stone is variable--meaning that each Chrysocolla is different from another. One may have more copper, another may have more water, etc.

Chrysocolla is a stone that will pull you in and help you sink into that trance state you want for meditation. It's soothing, tranquil, peaceful and gently pulls off negative energy--all and every kind. It gently coaxes you into accepting change and helps you to find your inner strength. It's a great friend to those who are in relationships that have suddenly turned south--not just romantic but all kinds. 

When I wear the Chrysocolla, I feel this cooling and calming energy center right into my heart--but the way the necklace falls is directly onto my heart. After the energy centers into my heart, it spreads out from my body into my aura forming a blue-green shield of peace. And since this piece is wrapped in copper- you have to take into consideration the protective and super fast absorption properties of the metal. 

Chrysocolla works with all of your chakras--by calming, cleansing, and resetting them with the Divine energy flow. It helps you overcome phobias by blocking the negative (fear based) energy and helps you keep a cool head. It's a girls' best friend when she's on her period--the stone is a cooling stone that heals pain, infection and reoxygenates the blood. 

So if you are new to the gem and mineral world and want a gentle stone that will cool down those hot headed tempers, help you go deep within, and gently protect you from psychic attacks (someone being mad at you can be considered a psychic attack though they may not intentionally mean to harm you) Chrysocolla is a great stone to work with. Of course, if you are like me and needed a good strong zap to open you up--Moldavite is a great zapper. You can read my experience with Moldavite here

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