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The Blood Cleanser: Bloodstone

There is a gemstone that is a purifier of your blood. Heliotrope, most commonly known as Bloodstone is a beautiful green form of chalcedony that has red mixes of iron oxide and red jasper. The little red spots look like blood droplets which is where the name Bloodstone came from. 
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Heliorope is Greek and simply derives from different ancient ides about how the mineral reflects the light.  Pliny, the Elder goes into detail about how this works, 
What is Bloodstone known for?
Bloodstone is well known for cleansing the blood. It can be drunk as an elixir (mix with tea or any type of drink) and also will cleanse any organ related to the blood, especially the heart.  It will detox the blood, body and promote renewed healing and energy.   One of the most famous uses of Bloodstone was by soldiers in the past to stop their wounds from bleeding. 
Bloodstone has also been reported to prolong life, bring money and aid you in being "invisible" if you desire. It also blocks all negative energy and helps overcome stress while helping you dream and revitalizes you.  Bloodstone brings you into the present moment to refresh your mind, dispel confusion and help you make good decisions. 
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