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How to program a gemstone/crystal

Did you know that you can program a crystal? It's not as high tech as it sounds. You certainly don't need a computer or a hard drive.

Lapis Lazuli Gem Elixir
Lapis Lazuli

First you need to know that we are all made up of energy. Our thoughts are energy--they are what attracts our surroundings to us. So with that knowledge, you can focus on one good thing--like $5 coming your way from any source. Crystals and gemstones can amplify that energy, but first you must activate your gem and program it.

Of course, you have to have a crystal in order to program it. Crystals have a way of finding you so if you are reading this and don't have your stone, stop by a shop that sells them and let your intuition guide you. Say aloud, "I wish to have a crystal to work with," and you will come across the right one.

Now that you have your crystal, you need to cleanse it. Depending on the gem you have--you can run it under water, set it in the sun, chime it or smudge it. Selenite is a mineral that will melt in water and Moldavite is a tektite that will be ruined if you clean it with salt water--so make sure you know the right way to cleanse your gem. Malachite and Cinnabar are toxic in liquid or powder form--I always smudge them with white sage.

Fluorite Pendant in Copper

Once your stone is cleansed, you need to have a little faith in yourself. We are all powerful--we have the power within us and the gems are just here to help. The first step is dedicating your gem. Say aloud, "I open myself to the energies of this gem and dedicate it and myself to all that is good," or something along those lines. If you are Christian, you can say, "In the name of Jesus, I choose to use this gift for Christ," or something like that. Each religion has it's own thing and you can always do good no matter who or what you believe in.

Next step is visualization. Close your eyes and breathe slowly. After about ten deep and slow breaths, visualize with each breath a white spark of light glowing within the stone in your dominant hand. See that light glowing and moving--growing large enough to encompass your whole body. See a cord coming from the gem to your heart center and connect you and the stone. Now consider the purpose you want to use the gem for.

Example, with a Lapis Lazuli, you would want soothing and peaceful energy. So if I were to use it in that way, I would focus on peaceful thoughts and the word peace and send that peaceful energy to the stone through the cord I just created. I would then visualize the energy moving back and forth between me and the stone yet growing more peaceful and more serene. Once you have the stone filled to overflowing with energy, say aloud: " I program this crystal for peace of mind and stress release"

And know that it's done.
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