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Surviving the Changes of Empire Avenue

I'm a member of Empire Avenue and the Game is Changing. 

EA, as we all call it, is awesome, but now they are making things a bit more complicated: from dissing longtime members such as Michael Q. Todd, who I know has spent at least $40K on EA, and Reggie Saddler, a well loved player who shares awesome photography, to making it harder for your missions to be completed.

So many of us depend on EA to promote our work and ourselves. I do many missions for me, for Art4TheHomeless and AngelTD. When people see us being shared and supported across the web, it makes a huge difference.

So what do we do about these changes? Well, life is ever changing.  You either adapt or stagnate and here's how I'm adapting to the new missions guidelines. You can't ask for people to share, like, or comment anymore.

Surviving the EA Mission Changes:

1. Always assume that the person wants you to like, share and/or comment and do those.  Sally K. Witt and Mary Helen Ferris are always doing this for my missions.

2. Always like and rate the missions. It's just nice.

3. Always comment on the missions--again it's just polite and nice.

4. Give back to your shareholders. It keeps them there.

5. If you want people to share your content, phrase it in such a way that hints at them to do so. Such as: "If you like the post, please show it some love in your networks."

6. Grab a thesaurus and research  different ways to ask for engagement. We gotta keep these pesky admin on their toes.

7.  Monitor your mission grades. If you have an A mission that is later a D mission, try to figure out why.

8. Participate in Misson Events.. It shows you are a team player and besides, people like Erin Boykin have great ides for fun missions.

Besides surviving the mission changes, we also need to survive the overall changes. Some of the changes are pretty good. I like the Leaders Idea and how EA is trying to get members in on helping manage, but one of the major flaws is that several members are being dissed, having their accounts closed with no warning and much more.

How to survive and adapt to the other changes:

1. Find your influencer of your niche and connect with them. Even if they don't respond back. EA makes it super easy to do that--just look for the people with all the likes, high share prices, etc. Chances are they are an influencer.

2. Find people with similar interest as you even if they are competition. Showing you are willing to work with a competitor puts you high on their list of liked profiles.

3. Always reach out to people. Don't be afraid of rejection. What's the worse that could happen? Don't be afraid to tell Louie Bauer that those food pics make you feel hungry! I'm sure he'll appreciate your reply. Speaking of food...I'm hungry!

4. Be patient. Yeah, hard to do. I know. TRUST ME. I know.

5. Have faith. EA is a great tool for internet marketers and also for people like me: bloggers, artists, CEO's of nonprofits, and people like Robert Christian, an awesome media host who supports Art4TheHomeless.

6. Join communities such as EAVElders and Gangstas. Why? Because they are for us to use. We meet and connect with people like us and the bigger players.

7. Remember, the admin are human, too. In the end, we are all humans with emotions, needs, and emergencies. Life happens.

Basically, we need to treat our fellow EAVers as we would like to be treated. Most of the time that works. You do have a few who don't, but it's okay. That's life.

Do you have any suggestions on how to survive the EA changes? If so feel free to share.
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  1. This is a very good blogpost for someone who is new to EA. Thanks! I do not know how things were before, because I only joined last week and am just learning the ropes, but these are very good suggestions. Cheers!

    1. WB, when I first joined, you could post missions and say, "Share this for me," and if people took the eaves and ran, they were punished. You could block them, and report them. Now, if you try to do that, your account will be deactivated or in suspension. I'm glad my post helped!

  2. Hi Johnna. This is a very good post. Thank you for the shout out!

  3. Great post Johnna, Good information. I did block many people who stole missions. Some are still blocked. Not sure if I feel comfortable unblocking them yet. Still watching to see if they have learned or if the game is going to catch them. I like that you are trying to help new people and those who need a little push.

    1. I feel ya there, Michelle! I'm blocked by quite a few big players though.

  4. I'm not human. I'm an Empire Avenue robot :)