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Healing Properties of #Dioptase

Dioptase Reaches Deep Into Your Heart

Dioptase, not to be confused with Russian Diopside, is a gem that reaches deep into your heart and helps you face and let go of past abuse, emotional trauma and opens you up to the green ray--the healing ray for the heart chakra. 

Green  and pink are the colors for the heart chakra and also for physical healing as well.

It also enhances self awareness and is great for meditation.

Most people meditate to get to that point of opening up to divine love. 

Dioptase is like taking the short cut as the moment you come in contact with the stone (speaking from experience) all you feel is this loving and vibrational energy. 

Dioptase super charges the imagination and helps you to be more creative and by stimulating creativity, you are also opened up to the energies of abundance, thus bringing the mentality of prosperity into your  heart center. 

Dioptase releases emotional patterns, helps us understand the roles we have played in the lives of others, (and vice versa) and is a great friend to have if you are currently going through an emotional trial such as grief (from the death of a loved one), divorce or any other sort of loss of love.

Dioptase is also known as Achirite and Congo Emerald. The color is often an intense emerald to bluish green.

It has the same hardness as the enamel on your teeth, a hardness of 5 and it's made mostly from copper.

 It's usually found in the desert regions, again, unlike the almost twin name of Diopside, a rare stone found in Siberia.

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