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#EbolaQandA 7 Tips on Preventing Ebola Virus in Dallas, TX

Turned on the news the other to find out Ebola is in Dallas. I'm In what do I do? Educate myself.  And today on the news, they said that 100 people here in Dallas have been exposed.

I live next to a Walmart and shop there every day. And so do workers that work at Texas Health Presbyterian. I once let a nurse that worked there go in front of me so he wouldn't be late to work. That was about 2 weeks ago.

Don't worry, he probably didn't have it as he wasn't even coughing.  I don't have symptoms and I'm fine.

So what is Ebola and how do you get it?

Ebola is one hell of an effed up disease that will torture your digestive system until  you either recover or die and there is no cure. It's like a flu on steroids. And it's only contagious by body fluids. Sneezing, coughing, touching blood, vomit, feces, etc.

Ebola is not airborne. Thank God.  Below is an image from a blog I found on Ebola detailing the symptoms.

Click here to read the blog post I mentioned above. 

So instead of freaking out like all the folks on CNN I just took a deep breath and planned an Ebola Prevention Plan for my family.

You see, you can't avoid people. It's impossible. They are everywhere. So all you can do is take care of you and your loved ones. Educate yourself and don't stop here. Check out the CDC and stay up to date. Don't panic. Educate instead.

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