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Healing Gem Essences: A Science, Not Paganism

Gem Remedies, Elixirs and Essences Are Effective

I've been told before that I was nuts for putting a gemstone in a glass of water and sticking it out in the sun. I've been told I was worshiping the devil, putting another god before God, and that I'm going to hell. If this is true, then you are going to hell for using toothpaste with fluoride in it.

Did you know that cosmetic companies use diamonds in their beauty products? Did you know that toothpaste companies put fluoride in toothpaste? Fluorite is the mineral behind the chemical fluoride.

Many chemicals you can't even pronounce aren't as manmade as you thought. No, they all have a mineral base to them, and if you know what you are doing, you can make simple remedies for all sorts of things at home.

Don't believe me? Do your own research. In fact, I encourage you to. And if you find me wrong, come back and set me straight.

I'm not telling you to go and put some rocks in water and drink it. No, there is a certain way to do things. You wash the gemstone, make sure it's not toxic or water soluble and make sure the properties are something you need.

For example, Malachite is toxic if in powdered form or if a direct elixir is made from it. You can make an indirect version which is safe. Same with Cinnabar which is pretty much sulfur. Then there are topical elixirs like you buy at the mall that have 24K Gold in them or diamond dust in them and you pay $800 for them.

You can easily create a diamond elixir and mix small amounts in your regular lotion for an even better effect. And now that I have diamonds on hand, yes I can make them for you and you get to keep your right arm, house, dog, bank, car, and whatever else you would have to sell just to get the other product.

When I make elixirs, I usually clean the gem first then place it in filtered water in the sunlight for 12-16 hours.  Then I pray over it asking God to protect the person using the elixir and for their healing, safety and blessing. I also ask God to touch the elixir.

In the US, I don't charge for shipping, but if you are outside the US please contact me before buying. The list below are only a few of the available stones I have. If you have a certain stone you wish to create an elixir with, please contact me.

My essences are only $25 for 2 ounces that you can add to oil, water, or use directly on the skin.

Pick Your Gem/Mineral
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