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Magical Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Mystical Lapis Lazuli

The very name, Lapis Lazuli, leaves an exotic image in my mind. It makes me think of ancient times and other worlds that once existed.

Part of the name comes from the Persian word, lāžaward.

The Arabs called it lāzaward, and the many different European languages had their own take on the word from azure to lazur which Medival Latin got Lazulum from and today it's Lazuli. 

And Lapis is Latin for stone. 

So in essence, Lapis Lazuli is the azure stone from Lažaward, one of the mines the stone was found

Renaissance artists would ground up Lapis into ultramarine which is the purest form of blue color and use it for paintings.  

Today, ultramarine is chemically synthesized so it is more widely available. 

Even King Tut's eyebrows are made of Lapis--no not his real eyebrows but the ones on his funeral mask. 

The gold or whitish gold streaks and spots in Lapis are Pyrite inclusions. 

So what does Lapis do?

In Healing, Lapis eases pain away especially migraine headaches while also helping you get over depressions. 

It's a gem that's great for any throat and third eye ailments as metaphysically it balanced both the Third Eye and Throat Chakras.

It also boosts the immune system, 

lowers blood pressure and helps the thyroid, organs and bone marrow. 

Regarding bone marrow: put Lapis with Onyx to help benefit your bones. 

Lapis reveals the inner truth so you can take charge of your life. 

It helps you to express yourself freely and release repressed anger in a positive way. It also amplifies thoughts and stimulates your brain to help you better focus. 

Lapis also strengthens your relationships on all levels and helps you to express your feelings and emotions. 

It releases stress and help you access your own gifts.  

It's also a protective stone that helps you contact your guardians, recognizes and blocks psychic attacks like Norton does for Windows. 

Lapis Lazuli in Silver Size 7 from Gems and Mineral Diva
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