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Properties of Moss Agate

Moss Agate: More Than An Agate

Moss Agate in 14K Gold with Iolite
Moss Agates are beautiful greenish types of Agates, a form of Quartz and Chalcedony that recharge the soul and help you to see beauty all around. It's like a vacation after a hard years of working.

This refreshing gemstone attracts abundance and wealth while boosting your self esteem. It helps you to balance emotions especially ones brought on by fear and worry, release those fears and worries while raising your hopes up about your future.

This is a gem that also helps your circulatory system, immune system and also helps your waste elimination system. Treating infection, easing away pain and lowering fevers are just what this gem is all about.

If you find yourself in a writer's block or some kind of creative block, this gem will help you climb your way out of that block and inspire new ideas, creativity and ideals.

Available Jewelry For Sale

The Moss Agate with Iolite in 14K Gold is for sale. In the box you get the agate in a ready to wear pendant with a cord.

Properties of Iolite

Iolite clears thoughts and opens up your intuition. It helps you see during meditation and express your true self without worrying about what others expect from you. It also helps with addiction, regenerates the liver, and helps with migraines. Iolite is known as a vision stone.

on Square Market

Shipping is free in the US. If you are outside the US and would like to purchase, contact me so I can give you a shipping quote. 

Commission Moss Agate or Iolite Jewelry
As a wire artist, I wrap  gems in any type of metal. If you would like to commission a  wire wrap, prices start as low as $45 (plus the cost of the gemstone). Click here to see my Commissions Pricing List.

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