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Joyous #Sunstone: A #Happy #Gemstone of Delightfulness

Boost Up Your Spirit with the Happy Sunstone 

Sunstone is like an emotional high. It's happy, filled with light and bursting with joy. The theme song of this song is Happy, by Pharrell Williams., for obvious reasons. 

It's just good vibes, happy, energetic. If you feel down or got the blues, it's time to restore and nurture yourself.

This energizing stone will light the inner darkness and help you to be more joyful. 

It's great for all your chakras, especially the solar plexus, and allows the real you to emerge from the sidelines. 

Meditating while holding Sunstone will help you feel connected to the light, God, Higher Power, Source, whatever you call it. I personally call it God. Sunstone says it's your time to shine on. 

Sunstone removes hooks from other people. What that means is this: that person in your life that's negative and you know you should let them go but can't. That's a hook. Hooks cam be mental or emotional but either way they suck your energy out. 

One of the things Sunstone is known for is acting like an antidepressant. It's great for those winter blues when you feel so down and wish it were summer.

If you would like to buy a Sunstone, I know just the place. Check out Power of the Rainbow of Arlington, TX.

They ship anywhere and they are my number one trusted source for all things shiny. Click here to read up on them, contact them and more!

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Yappie - JayeAbdulQader: #Happy :-) Check out a super happy #gemstone...

Do you know of any other happy gemstones? I'm sure Sunstone isn't the only one out there. Add your happy stones here via!

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