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Copper: The Healing Metal

From arthritis pain to the blood in our bodies, copper is the major metal many turn to. Humans have been using copper pretty much since our very existence. Copper is not just a metal but it's also an essential mineral to all plants and animals. Even humans need it--it's often found in our blood. If you cut your mouth or gum, you will often taste copper. Our blood has a coppery taste.

Quartz Pendant in Copper and Aluminum
Clear Quartz in Copper with Aluminum wrapped by The Gem Diva $20

Copper gets it's healing power from it's ability to conduct electricity and vital life energy (Chi, Prana, etc). Copper is one of my favorite metals to wrap gemstones in simply because it will absorb the energy of the stone and transmit it to the wearer's energy field.  Copper amplifies the flow of energy anywhere especially in the body of the person who is wearing copper. Copper is a grounding metal and works well with the Base and Sacral Chakras.

When copper starts to turn green, that simply means it's time to clean the toxins it pulled from your body. You can do that with ketchup, tomato juice, lemon juice, lime juice, Coca Cola or anything acidic. I once stunned a couple of customers at my old job in Atlanta by shining a copper penny with a small packet of ketchup. It's all in the chemistry.

Dioptase Pendant in Copper
Dioptase Pendant wrapped in copper by The Gem Diva $50

Copper has a receptive energy meaning that the person working with copper will receive the healing energy of copper. Copper is also associated with the Element Water and the Goddess Venus. One of the major benefits of Copper is healing  of blood and circulation diseases. Many people with arthritis wear copper bands around their arms.
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